'We are based in Valencia, Spain, and we are putting

together a unique program designed to bring powerboat racing into the sports mainstream.

And you can be part of it.

VIP Race Experience

The Official P1 Race Series Hospitality for the World Championships is available on request, Also exclusive locations solely for our sponsors around Europe.

Package 1:

EXCLUSIVE - Offshore Powerboat Race competition

5 Team Race boats

10 VIP guests as competition navigators

5 races with world championship teams

5000 Euros per person

Title branding of the Event and competition to the booking company (Based on 10 Competitor VIPs)

This is a chance to experience the fastest most exciting powerboats in Spain. You will start off learning about the teams. The largest, most exciting offshore powerboat series in the world and feel the speed and grace of this highly responsive racing machine. During this experience the Driver (usually a current or past racer) will head into the Mediteranean to show what the boat can do. The boat operates within Valencian Waters so bring a disposable camera. The boat is soft riding and the seating comfortable.

Be prepared for the ride of your life! 

Your experience begins with a safety briefing and an introduction to the boat. You then get changed into official racing team kit and safety gear. Then it’s onto the water. The boat has comfortable seating and the experience is suitable for all Exreme adventure seekers

Spirit of Valencia Racing takes Corporate

Hospitality Days to another level.

Based at the Valencia Yacht Base in Valencia, Spain, one of Europe’s premier Super Yacht marine venues, we offer events in which the pressures of genuine competition galvanize participants into highly committed, efficient and focused team players. In this environment there is nothing theoretical about success or failure. When decisions have immediate consequences people learn fast! You’ve seen your team work hard - now watch them play harder. Whether competing in the Spirit of Valencia Navigation Challenge, or our ground breaking Team Spirit Race Weekend, the demands they face will be real. The rewards, for the individual and the organisation, are substantial. The bonds of trust and loyalty that grow from this shared experience create a priceless asset for your organisation.

This is the very essence of Spirit of Valencia. 

Spirit of Valencia Racing offers your organisation something unique – the opportunity for up to 24 people to become a vital part of the team supporting a pro driver during a real race testing weekend.

This weekend will provide your colleagues with one of the most effective and memorable team building experiences money can buy. They will be moulded into a committed, focused and highly competitive team as they train to navigate the boat during the weekend’s testing.
Your colleagues will be supported at all times by experienced full-time teammates. They will help everyone to deliver a championship performance, from the team briefing on Friday morning, to the moment Ian triumphantly crosses the finish line in record time.

Under pressure
You can also invite clients. This is the chance for your people to prove they can deliver outstanding results under extreme pressure. If they can succeed here, everyone will see they are winning team.

In touch with the leaders.
Once you are involved with Spirit of Valencia Power boat racing team, you’re with us for the season. Veterans of our VIP testing weekends have privileged access to the members area of our website, where they can follow team progress as others build on their success. We will end the season on the podium. Our triumph will be your triumph. On the water and back at work, there will be a resounding victory for Spirit of Valencia.

Our team - your team.
You were there for us we are here for you. If like most organisations, you want to celebrate your achievements and advertise your success, what better way than to brand your teams Spirit of Valencia Powerboat with your logo.
If you really want to impress – you can go one further. You can sponsor Team Spirit for the race Series in which your colleagues will recieve VIP invitation to the Race Series events themselves as VIP's of the team and enjoy P1 full hospitalty suite. The Team boat will be emblazoned in your company colours, and for one day you will know how it feels to be Frank Williams or Jackie Stewart. Thousands of fans and tens of thousands of media viewers will have the chance to hear your name, see your brand – and watch you win?

Reinforce the drive to win.

The Spirit of Valencia Challenge is a one day

team-building event for up to 24 people.

The group will be divided into teams that become focussed, efficient and highly motivated as they are quite literally pitted against each other, and the clock.
Participants will compete in a series of timed events that can only be successfully completed through effective teamwork. Dealing with all aspects of a Powerboat crew's responsibilities, they will learn as much about each other as they do about the pressures of competitive racing.

Everyone’s a winner, The perfect end to an outstanding day, the gala dinner and prize giving provides everyone with an opportunity to reflect on a day of excitement and fun. You can have prizes for the best team, the loudest scream - or the worst language. It’s up to you.

Whether highly competitive, educative, serious or light-hearted, you choose the day that suits your organisation’s needs. By the end of it, whatever your people have learned about racing Powerboats, we guarantee they will have learned far more about themselves and each other, about what it means to work - and succeed - together.


Valencia Racing Club

We are Spain's only

Challenge to the largest

offshore powerboat


in the world

Powerboat P1 launched its new

Super Stock championship in

the UK in May 2015 and will roll

out its international series from

2015. P1 also makes its debut

across the pond with the debut

of P1 USA, a 10-round series 

running in North America.