'We are based in Valencia, Spain, and we are putting

together a unique program designed to bring powerboat racing into the sports mainstream.

And you can be part of it.'

We reach a global audience.

Once we're racing, the world is watching.

Powerboat P1 has a highly skilled press and PR team. It’s their job to maximise publicity for teams and pilots, as well as their own partners and stakeholders. By working with national newspapers, television channels, radio partners and regional press, we can guarantee television and media coverage. Pre-event press days are held in the local area of each venue. We invite all regional television, radio and print media. It’s a great opportunity to introduce local competitors and to give journalists the chance to experience a ride in a race boat. During the events, we use the services of leading photographic agencies, to capture the events from the water, land, and in the air. Television production is managed by Powerboat P1 using production companies in each territory. A dedicated SuperStock show that includes a minimum of 26 minutes of highlights is broadcast across the following channels:

– Eurosport

– Total Sports Asia

– Race Fans TV

– Boats on TV

– Showtime Arabia

– TV Yachts.com

– Setanta Ireland

– Setanta Canada

– Setanta Africa

– Setanta North America

– Setanta Australia

– Motors TV

Audience Demographics

The SuperStock audience is 60% male/40% female. Around 60% of the event audience are locals, with 40% travelling to the event – sometimes from over 250 miles away. SuperStock events attract large numbers of spectators over the race weekend – between 15,000 and 90,000, depending on the venue.

0-17 24%

18-25 38%

26-40 29%

40+ 9%

Audience by age:

Penzance Grand Prix of the Sea AUDIENCE RESEARCH 23/05/10


Valencia Racing Club

We are Spain's only

Challenge to The largest

offshore powerboat


in the world

Powerboat P1 launched its new

Super Stock championship in

the UK in May 2015 and will roll

out its international series from

2015. P1 also makes its debut

across the pond with the debut

of P1 USA, a 10-round series 

running in North America.